Everyday Hero - Mona Poe

We all face challenges in our lives.  Some of the challenges are foreseeable; others hit us out of the blue.  How we respond to those challenges reveals a part of our character. For many people the challenge of cancer is defeating but for some it is motivating. Such is the story of Mona Poe of Tyler.

Mona was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2007 and endured surgery and chemotherapy on her road to recovery. That journey motivated Mona to reach out to others that share a similar challenge with cancer because since 2008 - without fail – without missing a week – Mona bakes cakes for the patients and staff at her treatment center. That's more than 200 cakes and counting. Her goal is to encourage patients, family members and staff by displaying her own unselfish love and devotion to them. The cakes have become Mona's ministry to those face challenge.  In fact she is known as "Mona, the Cake Lady" and now, additionally, she is known as KLTV's Everyday Hero for January.

You may not know Mona personally but perhaps you have a picture of her in your mind with cakes in hand and smile on her face. I am sure she has heard it several hundred times, but thank you Mona for your devotion to those facing a challenge and for making this a Better East Texas.