Q & A with East Texas survivor of deadly Haitian earthquake

By Philippe Djegal - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Wayne Snow was born in Tyler, but moved to Haiti with the rest of his family when he was 2-years-old. Wayne works for his father, Terry, the national director of Youth with a Mission in Haiti. They're spreading the word of God, and lifting the spirits of those living in unimaginable poverty.

KLTV 7's Philippe Djegal spoke with Wayne this afternoon via Skype, just moments after he returned from Port-au-Prince, touring what he calls "war-like" wreckage.

Philippe: "We're getting reports of widespread destruction. Could you describe the scene for us? Where are you and what's the scene like on the ground?"

Wayne: "Youth with a Mission is based in Saint-Marc Haiti, which is about an hour and a half drive away from Port-au-Prince. We went there today to access the damage, and the situation in Port-au-Prince right now is incredibly grave. I'm pretty sure not a single house went without having some kind of structural damage to it. Most of the businesses are completely destroyed."

Philippe: "Are you seeing bodies on the ground or are they under buildings? What's the humanitarian issue?"

Wayne: "They have bodies that are just piled up along the sides of the roads, and the hospital has also been damaged by the earthquake. We watched as people tried to dig other people out. Some were living and some were not."

Philippe: "Water was an issue before this earthquake hit. How are you guys keeping yourselves hydrated? Is there clean water there?"

Wayne: "We have water trucks that the city has that they're driving around the city getting water to those that need it. But, there are several water pipes in the city that have been broken. So, the water situation is grave as well. Fresh water is hard to get."

Philippe: "Now, how long have you been in Haiti and I believe you are there with your wife as well, and your father. Can you describe the family members that are there with you and what's helping you get through this tough time?"

Wayne: "I, myself, grew up here. I've been here for about 16,17 years. I am recently married. I got married a month ago. What's really helping us get through this now is just our faith - knowing that God is there. Knowing that God has his hand on this. We know that good can come out of this. Good can come out of anything. Just keep Port-au-Prince in your prayers right now - that no more damage happens through the aftershocks and that help can get to those that are in need of it."

Philippe: "Well, thanks for joining us, and stay safe. The best to you and the rest of your family."

Wayne: "Thank you."

We're told all members of Youth with a Mission made it out of the quake alive and unharmed. The focus they say, now turns to coordinating medical and humanitarian assistance with YWAM branches around the world to help the locals in dire need.

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