UT Tyler student grieving loss of family in Haiti

By Layron Livingston - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Several East Texans have found themselves caught in this story, either by being in Haiti or having loved ones near the quake zone.

One such person is a Hatian man, studying at U.T. Tyler, whose thoughts have not been far from his former home, and his family left behind. Marc Norcilus is doing everything he can to find out whatever he can about his family.

"I tried to talk to people...if they heard anything, but they can't communicate..they try to call, but no communication," said Norcilus.

He went to his first class Wednesday morning, and, understandably, skipped his second. He says after the quake hit, he got a phone call from his uncle in Florida. He has been Facebook chatting in Creole all afternoon, touching base with family, and friends in Haiti, the Dominican, Canada and New York.

"I try to find and get any news from Haiti, but 'til now, no news," he said.

Norcilus says most of his siblings live in the United States, right now. His parents live outside of Port-au-Prince. But, many of his relatives - aunts, uncles and cousins - call the capital city, or what's left of it, home.

"Haiti is one of the poorest countries," he said. "People have been suffering from hunger and every kind of stuff...so now, this thing happening is going to make it worse."

Making matters worse, a friend sent a text message, saying Norcilus's high school has been completely destroyed.

"People are like...trying to find jobs, trying to survive...and then this thing happened, so how are they going to survive right now," he said.

And move on from tragedy.

Norcilus called KLTV shortly after this story was written. He got a phone call from his brother saying one of his aunts and a cousin had been found dead in Port-au-Prince. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Norcilus and his family.

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