Church waiting to hear from missionary family in Haiti

By LaKecia Shockley - bio | email
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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas church is anxiously awaiting word from a missionary family that lives right in the heart of Port-au-Prince.

Global Outreach Minister Murrey Rabenhorst says that Jean Romain and his wife, Merese, and their daughter, Samuelle, are a picture perfect Haitian family.

"He and his wife, his daughter, are wonderful people," said Rabenhorst. "They just love the Lord."

Pastor Romain and his family are missionaries with Longview Fellowship Christian Church. In Haiti, they oversee a school, a church and a Good Shepherd's love orphanage with 50 boys. The quake made part of the orphanage roof collapse.

Rabenhorst has yet to personally talk to Pastor Romain, but he does have word that they are alive.

"I tried to call him on the phone, try to call his mobile, try to text him, no answer, so I was kind of devastated yesterday," said Rabenhorst.

The Romain's home is just two miles away from the presidential palace and close to the popular tourist Montana Hotel.

"We all know that the palace went down and got severely damage in the quake," said Rabenhorst. "If this is confirmed that the hotel actually went down during the earthquake. It was actually on the mountain side."

With the quake's devastation, IFC church is praying not only for their missionary but the country as a whole.

"My hope for the people of Haiti is that they can recover from all of this, that somehow it will show that the Haitians are strong people, and that they can persevere and move on," said Rabenhorst.

So far Longview Fellowship Christian Church has been told that the some of the orphans at the Romains' orphanage did suffer broken bones. The church started a prayer chain for all the victims of the quake.

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