WebXtra: East Texans survive Haiti earthquake, reflect via e-mail

By Philippe Djegal - email

LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - East Texas members of Youth With a Mission confirm that all of their members have survived Tuesday's massive earthquake in Haiti, which, most reports say, caused widespread damage throughout Haiti, leaving thousands dead.

Terry Snow, National Director for YWAM Haiti, sent this to YWAM Tyler earlier Wednesday:

Every 30 minutes to an hour the house rumbled and shook from the after shocks of the earthquake that has divested the capital, Port-au-Prince. It was hard to sleep wondering if you should run, wait or ignore it. All I could think about was the thousands that had no where to sleep in Port-au-Prince 60 miles away from our city, St. Marc.
We were up early to see the video footage and pictures of the Presidential Palace destroyed and so many other buildings we once knew. We feel in some ways as helpless as the victims in Port-au-Prince in the since of shock and not knowing what to do or where to start. Communications are still down, airport is closed for today so we have decided to send in a observation team to see what connections they could make.
Haiti has no infrastructure much less a crisis management team. I suspect that PAP is crying even louder this morning as the reality of their situation tumbles on them.
We are thinking through how this impact will affect St. Marc and the population here. Fuel, electric communications, food and construction supplies all route through PAP. Today we are ok, but what about in a few days or week. Where are the refugees going to be going since there is little living space in PAP?
Pray for us and our observation team!
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