Home Show Features the Best Of Indoors, Outdoors

Whether you're a home builder, or just someone wanting to redecorate your house, Tyler has a showcase for you. The twenty-third annual home products show is this weekend, featuring everything from light fixtures and carpets, to landscaping, hot tubs, and antique baths.

The show is organized by the Tyler Area Builders Association, and features sixty different vendors. With Harvey Convention Center completely filled, there was something for everybody.

"With so many people nowdays, the consumer is very educated," says event Chairman Cherie' Paro. "They want to look up their own products, they want to pick and choose. This gives them a lot of sources in one location. It makes it simple for them.they can pick up brochures and read them and then decide who's the best thing for them."

The show will conclude Sunday at the Harvey Convention Center. The doors will open at one, and the show will finish at five.

Reid Kerr (rkerr@kltv.com) reporting.