Victim Of A Drive-by Gang Shooting Speaks Out

Jarvin Dorsey's happiness is no longer defined by the use of his legs. A drive-by, gang shooting at the hands of strangers changed that almost two years ago.

"I remember like it was yesterday," says Jarvin Dorsey. "One minute we were outside talking. Somebody got into it with somebody else. Eveything seemed like it was cool and in the next five minutes, a brown truck came around shooting."

In a flash, the former John Tyler football stand out went from walking, to a wheel chair.

"It was intended for somebody else, but it hit me," says Dorsey.

Instead of concentrating on his spinal injury, Jarvin's family and friends helped raise his spirits.

"We are blessed to have him here and he may be in a wheel chair, but he is not handicapped," says Dorothy Martin, Jarvin's grandmother.

"I don't think about it because I am a positive person, I just live now like a normal person," says Dorsey. "I am happy everyday I wake up, I do everything by myself, I fix my own food everything normal people do I do."

Though the 20 year old has moved on with his life and put the drive by shooting behind him, the arrests of some suspected East Side Locos hit home last week.

"When it first happened, I knew it was gang related, but when I saw it on TV, I was happy because I knew the streets are cleaner," says Dorsey.

Now the aspiring football coach wants to help others who are victims of senseless crimes.

"I hear a lot of people are down after they get some kind of spinal injury and they feel down, but there's no reason to feel down. I am a joyful person," says Dorsey.

Jarvin is headed back to physical therapy and prays one day he will walk again.

Three men have been convicted in connection with the drive-by shooting. The alleged triggerman is still facing federal charges in the shooting.

Dana Dixon, reporting.