Double Homicide In Marshall

Texas Rangers, Swat officers and Marshall Police all joined into a search last night for two suspects in what they call the cold blooded killings of two young women in Marshall.

Police were called after shots fired at a Fina station on Highway 80 around 11:35 last night.  Witnesses say a man and woman entered the store and shortly afterwards shots were fired. Thanks to store surveillance cameras, the suspects were identified as 24 year old Derrick Jenkins, known by the nickname "C-monster", and 23 year old Tiffany McCoy.

Just before noon today Swat members raided a Marshall area home where the pair were thought to be holding up at. Around 2:30 this afternoon, a citizen tip sent police to a motel in Marshall where the pair were taken without incident. Investigators now just want to know why? Jenkins and McCoy are both awaiting arraignment in the Harrison County Jail. If convicted they could face either life in prison or the death penalty.