Weekend temps have plumbers working overtime

By LaKecia Shockley - bio | email
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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - As spewing water wreaks havoc for homeowners, frozen pipes are forcing East Texas plumbers to work overtime.

"This morning, I got a call from the neighbor that I had water spewing, and then my neighbor next door called, and so I called Pither who I always call," said Betty Horaney, a homeowner.

it was the second time in two days that Betty Horaney had to call Pither Plumber. "I walked in the kitchen to make coffee and there's water all in my kitchen," said Horaney. "But, they came and they fixed it so it's OK."

"With this situation, here that we had, the lines were not insulated so they froze, swelled up and broke," said plumber, Ron Iker, who plans on working from sun up to sun down. [There are] lots of broken water lines, lots of repairs, several frozen pipes, which, we can't do anything to those until they thaw out."

East Texas plumbers are swamped. And, with pages of service calls, they are sure to stay plum busy.

"'Busy' is an under statement," said Patrick Pither, Vice President of Pither Plumbing. "We've received a 107 calls from Friday afternoon until this morning. We normally get 15 to 20 calls a weekend for sewer stoppages and stuff like that but not this weekend."

Busted waterlines are the main problems, and plumbers say homeowners should be taking precautions.

"Insulate all exposed outside piping - mostly on the north side of the building," said Iker. "That's where you get most of your wind from, and try to keep a faucet dripping to keep the water flowing so it doesn't freeze up."

And, even if they do freeze, hopefully, like Horaney you can always call your neighborhood plumber.

"I have to put a plug in for them because, believe me, they came right away!" Horaney.

We tried to talk to several other East Texas plumbers, but they were so busy they didn't even have time to talk to us!

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