A Better East Texas: Security Inconvenience

Great, another attempted terrorist attack on a flight over Michigan.  When you look back over the past decade, no event stands out like the attacks on 9-11.  It is hard to imagine that they were 9 years ago or should I say that it is unfortunate that they were nine years ago. Nine years ago it was unimaginable that we could ever forget the impact of the 9-11 attacks let alone relax airport security.  And now we have other countries hesitant to tighten airport security check points and we even have some people in our country complaining that body screening machines are an invasion of privacy.  Now when has air travel had any element of privacy attached to it?  People are not forced to fly and the idea that additional protections are somehow an invasion of privacy is ridiculous.  It is a sad reality that we have to endure security checkpoints at any mass gathering but it is a reality of the world we live in.  For those that feel their privacy is violated in the process, then don't fly, don't go to Cowboy's games and don't go to any concerts.  We can't afford another airline attack on our country – we are at war – and any personal inconvenience involving high value targets will just have to be tolerated and that will make for a better America and a Better East Texas.