Longview man creates snow yard

By Bob Hallmark - email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - While most of us are lamenting about the freezing weather, one east Texan is having some fun with the frigid temperatures, by making his front yard into a winter playground. With an improvised pressure nozzle , Kevin Kessler changed his front yard on Woodcrest street, into a little slice of winter, blowing a mound of snow on it.

"Playing in snow is fun and actually I look forward to when it gets 25 degrees keep and eye when its cold enough to make snow" Kessler says.

It took him over 12 hours to blow the snow onto his yard overnight. A Pennsylvania native, Kessler had his reasons for creating his white landscape.

"I have a son who's ten years old and I know the fun I had playing in the snow and just wanted him to experience that as well, we always had snow and enjoyed playing in it" he says.

Many passing motorists, along with their kids, who passed buy just couldn't resist getting out and playing in it.

"The kids were begging please lets stop can we play can we play, oh I think its incredible I think that kids around here don't get to play in the snow so I think this is just incredible" says Sharla Visage, who brought her children to play in Kesslers snow.

"Basically why I make it so people can play in it and enjoy it" says Kessler.

If you missed today, don't worry, Kessler says he'll keep blowing snow in his yard until the temperatures warm up, and Kessler say kids of all ages are welcome to play in his yard.

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