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Tips to protect skin from winter weather

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Bone chilling temperatures and brutal winds are taking their toll on East Texans.

No matter the reading on the thermometer, electrician Kyle Thompson and his crew have to be ready to go.

"Just bundle up, that's about all I do really," said Thompson. "Probably, this year has been one of the coldest so far. It's getting pretty bad today and this wind has been pretty bad too."

And, that wind is leaving a mark.

"I've even got wind burns on my face from like working out in the wind for a long period of time and I get to wear my face is peeling almost like a sun burn you know," said Thompson.

Longview dermatologist, Dr. Mark Wallis says that when the cold winds start whipping, the skin questions roll in.

"[Patients ask,] 'Why is my skins so dry? Why am I itching on my hands and my legs,'" said Wallis. "They'll feel dry. They'll get a fine scale on their skin. They'll get some itching. We can even get some cracking involved if the dryness gets to severe."

Some causes of dry skin just might surprise you.

"When the heaters come on in East Texas then the humidity drops and our skin dries out," said Wallis.

Dr. Wallis says having humidifiers is a solution. It puts moisture back the air which is good for your skin. Next on the list? Getting too close to your toasty space heaters.

"If they're (space heaters) used too closely to the skin for long periods of time, it can cause a specific time of chronic skin change that's permanent, with darkening and hardening of the skin."

So leave some space and save your skin.

Here's another tip from Dr. Wallis: Try not to crank up the hot water when you shower or bathe because that can dry your skin out even more. He says you should try to use a neutral water temperature.

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