Organization taking care of East Texans

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Meals on Wheels provides meals to thousands of East Texans - 800 of those in Tyler. But, when extreme weather hits, the organization becomes much more than a food provider.

Their daily deliveries to the elderly or handicapped serve as unofficial welfare checks. Many of their clients go days even weeks without seeing anyone but their meal volunteer.

"We provide a daily check on these clients," said Mike Powell, Director of Meals on Wheels. "That means that somebody who's a volunteer or one of our paid drivers goes by their house and visits them each day to make sure that they're doing alright. So, if we identify a person that does not have heat, we'll try to make arrangements to get them to someplace where they can survive through these cold temperatures."

Meals on Wheels says weather should not affect their daily deliveries. If ice or bad weather does reach a point where travel isn't safe, every Meals on Wheels recipient is given two shelf stable meals in October in case deliveries are temporarily postponed.

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