A Better East Texas: C-Span in meetings

The healthcare talks in Congress are coming down to the wire with democratic congressional leaders from both houses meeting to iron out the differences so that they can bring a unified bill up for a final vote.  We may have to read about what goes on in these meetings because the meetings are not televised.  If there was ever a purpose for C-Span I would think this would be it.  The network has petitioned the leaders in both houses of Congress for permission to televise these meetings.  The request stems from a promise from then candidate Obama that healthcare discussions would be televised for the benefit of the public.  So why the flip-flop?  The President has pledged on numerous occasions that his administration will be transparent and he has addressed this issue specifically.  C-Span is typically as dry as it gets but interest is high on both sides of this debate and the American people deserve to be able to see and hear how the meetings are playing out.  This Congress has one of the lowest approval ratings in history and the lack of transparency is not helping improve that image.  Democratic leaders need to open up the meetings to C-Span and let the American people in.  It probably won't make a difference in the outcome of the vote but you can bet it will inform and keep everyone in the meeting alerted that the America people are watching and that will make for a Better East Texas.