Oncor prepares for repairs if needed

By Sara Story - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Local energy provider, Oncor, says they are preparing all equipment and trucks for the impending storm. Company officials say they have enough materials available to handle broken poles, wires and transformers. They have started communication with southern crews in case help is needed, but they have not had to call for assistance yet.

Oncor says the most important thing to remember after a storm is to stay clear of fallen power lines.

"In a case like this where you have trees breaking [and] power lines breaking, you may have lines laying on the ground," said Charles Hill, the Oncor East Region Manager. "Treat everything like it is energized."

Oncor says keep your electric bill handy. If you need to report a power outage, the number to call is on that bill.

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