Longview Family Sues Dallas Hospitals

One East Texas family says a "mix up" at a hospital cost them the life of their loved one, a one year old baby.

One year old Jeanella Aranda of Longview died last summer after receiving a transplanted liver of the wrong blood type at Children's Medical Center in Dallas. Now, her family is suing two hospitals and several doctors for negligence.

Jeanella was diagnosed with a liver tumor, but during surgery at Children's Medical Center, arteries and veins were severed near her liver, making a transplant necessary, but her father was mistakenly identified as the donor.

A statement obtained from Childrens Medical Center by the Dallas Morning News states the hospital "after an exhaustive review of the case, acted appropriately based on labortory information provided".

Baylor Medical Center stated that "unlike the recent Duke situation, involving a heart lung transplant, liver transplants do not reqiure exact blood type matches." They say they relied on information from Parkland Hospital.  Parkland had no comment.

The Aranda family hopes that bringing this suit to the forefront will perhaps save someone's life in the future.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.