Family divided

By Ryan Peterson - bio | email

TYLER, TEXAS (KLTV) - It's a love story that began in Austin, Texas.

"I'm the oldest of four and we all went to the University of Texas," said Jayne Brown.  "David's the youngest of three and they all went to the University of Texas."

After meeting their senior year, David and Jayne brown were married. They raised their kids as Longhorn fans. Some where things went wrong, as their only son Burns decided to attend Alabama.

"Everybody should love their school as much as Burns loves his school," said Jayne.  "But (Burns) he really is an obnoxious Alabama fan."

Now the Longhorns have company at the Browns front door and in the B.C.S. title game.  When Bama and Texas meet Thursday, the Brown family will be in the Rose Bowl together.  Or so we hope.

"We're going to lock him up in the trunk," said David with a laugh about his son.

Dad can say whatever he wants. He's paying for the trip.

"When Lawrence (Texas kicker) kicked that field goal to beat Nebraska with no time on the clock, that's about a ten thousand dollar kick," said David.

"We look at it as a once in the lifetime very special thing," said Jayne.  "To have Texas and Alabama for number one and number two, how can we not go?"

Mom and dad expect to have the last laugh.

"Alabama has never beaten Texas and they're not going to do it this year."