Proud Of East Texas: Morgan Wade

Proud Of East Texas: Morgan Wade

By Joan Hallmark

Extreme sports telecasts are the fastest growing sports events on television, attracting more viewers than the Olympics. One of the stars of extreme sports in Bicycle Motocross (BMX) lives right here in East Texas.

Morgan Wade got a bike for his fifth birthday and soon went from popping wheelies to more elaborate stunts. He was fourteen when he got his first freestyle bike and now at the age of twenty-eight, Wade is considered one of the international stars of Extreme Sports BMX. Magazine covers, articles, and television coverage have made him a familiar face among fans. But for Wade, the attraction of BMX isn't the sponsorship money or the celebrity, he insists he does it because it's fun.

Wade warns kids to always wear helmets when biking and not to try the stunts he does. Wade's competition stunts are dangerous but he says he's had years to perfect them.

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