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Detroit plane bomb scare attributed to Al Qaeda

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HONOLULU, HI (KLTV) - For the first time today, President Obama said Al Qaeda was behind the plot to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas Day.

President Obama is still going through the initial reviews he ordered after the attempted bombing on flight 253 - but he says one thing is clear: Umar Farouk Abdul-Mutallab was part of an Al Qaeda affiliated group in Yemen.

Despite claiming the suspect was being followed on a watch list Republicans are critical of the vacationing president - and his homeland security chief, Janet Napolitano - with some even calling for her to resign. 

"She said that the system worked, on television last week," says Republican representative Dan Burton, "And that just shoes she's out of touch and I don't think she is competent enough to run that agency."

The President is leaving Hawaii a day early to work with his administration and address the issue of the current investigation.

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