First East Texas baby born in Longview

By Bob Hallmark - email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Around midnight Friday morning, 33 year old Amelia Ayala of Longview, knew it was time, she was going into labor.

"Yes I did, first she called her husband to hurry up and get home" says Amelia.

Scrambling to Good Shepherd Medical Center, she had to call her husband Manuel, who was at work, who understandably dropped everything.

"I was nervous . I was very emotional I thank God that everything came out fine" Manuel says.

At 1:36 Friday morning, 6 pound Andreas Ayala came into the world.

"And I was very happy but very nervous" he says.

Amelia actually went into labor so quickly, she had to urge nurses on, saying there wasn't much time.

"They weren't expecting him to get here either so he was really a surprise for everybody" Amelia for both, the new years birth will be a memory they'll never forget.

"I would never imagine he was going to be the first baby born" she says.

Good Shepherd actually had 2 more babies born shortly after the Ayala's baby this morning. For the Ayala's , they have a girl and now 3 boys.

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