New Year's Eve on a budget

By Courtney Lane - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - bio | email

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - 2009 brought a lot of tough economic times. In fact, the economy has many of you making resolutions to better budget yourself in 2010.

Popping that cork and celebrating at the stroke of midnight are traditions, but this New Year, champagne sales are flat. In fact, this year you can find reduced prices on bottles of Cristal or Dom Perignon. But Thrifty's Liquor in Kilgore, says that $240 bottle of bubbly is not selling.

"I've had a couple customers who want it [but] there's not a big demand for it," said Gerald Schuler. "I think it's just the economy. They're just cutting back when they can."

"Money is tight so we'll buy some Keystone and some cheaper champagne," laughed Larry Kirby.

And, over at Best Buy Fireworks off FM 1252 folks are getting more bang for their buck with variety packs.

"[People are] buying a lot more of the assortment packs that have a little bit of everything in a discounted price and we are well-stocked on those items this year," said Tonya Fowler.

Sales benefit the Gladewater Band Boosters so they're hoping it will light-up, despite a slumped economy this year.

"Haven't seen any of the $2,000 to one individual person yet but it's still early so we're hoping," said Fowler.

And, if you're like Larry Kirby, planning on staying home and saving money, there are plenty of frugal options and deep discounts for you as retailers push to end 2009 with a little bang.

"Cheap champagne? $6.99. There ya go! That's all you need to celebrate," said Kirby.

Firework stands workers also say those big multi-shot displays are not selling this year, like they did a year ago. But you'll find lots of buy one, get one free specials and discounted prices.

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