Police academy graduate killed in stabbing

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CAMP COUNTY (KLTV) - A man is jailed Thursday night after a deadly nightclub stabbing. Just after midnight, police were called to Cowboy Jim's on Highway 11 near Pittsburg.

William Ashley Domino, 23, was a former Marine who wanted to be an East Texas police officer. But early Thursday morning, while attending a concert, those dreams met a violent end.

"Actually, Ashley was the last person we talked to before we walked out of the bar, and he was just one of those people that wasn't supposed to happen to," said Lorin Henderson a friend.

All investigators are sure of at this point is that the fight escalated between two men and it spilled out into the parking lot right next to Jim's; that is where one man produced a knife.

Domino was stabbed in the neck and side, dying of his injuries.

"The suspect was leaving the scene as officers were arriving, and a pursuit ensued," said Camp County Sheriff Alan McCandless. "Speeds got over 100 miles an hour through Pittsburg headed towards Dangerfield."

Lannon Mackey Smoak, 21, of Dangerfield led sheriff's deputies on a wild chase.

"One of the sheriff's office vehicles was struck when the suspect lost control of his vehicle," said McCandless. "The officer wasn't injured. The suspect regained control, and [the] officer lost him somewhere between Pittsburg and Cason."

Smoak surrendered to authorities shortly after 3am. Domino's friends are not only angry at his attacker, but also what they say was a lack of security, which could have stopped the fight.

"I mean for a fight to have started inside a bar and be able to escalate out into the parking lot with no security whatsoever that's someone not doing their job," said Henderson.

But, for now, all they can do is grieve for their friend.

"It wasn't supposed to happen to Ashley," said Henderson. "He was the best person you could ever ask to be around. He was everybody's friend. He was anybody's friend."

Lannon Smoak is charged with murder. Thursday night, he is being held without bond in the Camp County Jail.

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