Couple questions home's security

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
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MINEOLA, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas couple wanted to make their home a safe place and were willing to pay for it. But they say that when it comes to security, they did not get their money's worth.

"It's like having another person around to help you out, protect, and you're secure, but I didn't have that," said Rosemary Carden.

From the outside and on the inside, Rosemary and Cal Carden's Mineola home appeared to be protected - courtesy of a new security system.

"[I] phoned them up, set the appointment [and] the man came out with his equipment," said Rosemary Carden.

Door sensors and motion detectors were installed, all connected to a keypad near the Carden's back door.

"I went and did my code, pushed my buttons, tried my doors [and] everything worked really well," said Rosemary Carden.

Two months after having their security system installed the Carden's left for what should have been a relaxing Christmas break, arming their system with their mobile keypad. But, a week in, they received a phone call making them feel anything but safe.

An accidental alarm, set off by a friend, made some noise but did little else.

"The police or somebody should have come out here and checked on our home," said Cal Carden. "Nobody showed up."

So the Cardens turned to the company, trying to call for answers.

"I mean, they never returned our call," said Cal Carden. "I mean, we got a signed contract through them."

It was a contract covering every detail of installation that came with a $164 price tag.

"Residential service has our address here," said Cal Carden.

But the Cardens say that, at first, the company did not have any knowledge of their service or transactions, leaving the couple questioning their safety in their own home.

"It could've been somebody's life, and it could've been things that couldn't be replaced," said Rosemary Carden.

"It's upsetting...we were thinking, hoping our home was secure," said Cal Carden. "We found out later it wasn't."

ADT representatives say they plan on conducting an investigation into the matter.

An ADT spokesman said it will take time to find out what kept the Carden's alarm from functioning, but say ADT alarm users are able to test their systems from home and are suggested to do so once a month.

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