Turkey trouble in East Texas town

By Philippe Djegal - email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - bio | email

WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV) - A rafter of turkeys is running wild in the East Texas city of Whitehouse! Within the past two weeks, neighbors have spotted turkeys walking in and out of their yards along Bascom Road.

Some neighbors enjoy the turkeys, but, others say the birds are damaging property and need to go. Who knew turkeys roaming the street crying, "Gobble, gobble!" would cause such a stir?

It looked innocent enough: A typical East Texas brick house, in a Whitehouse neighborhood, but think again. On the side yard roamed a rather large turkey, starring at its own reflection in the window!

"Some people feed them," said Smith County Game Warden Chris Green.

"It just came to our yard, and we love to have it here," said Linda Brumitt.

"And, some people don't want them," said Green.

"They pecked my windows," said Frances Fusco. "They pecked my Christmas decorations. I mean, they were a nuisance."

"And, some people eat them," said Green. "And, some people eat them."

Last week, Glenn Newsome was working inside of his home, when his mailman knocked on his door.

"And, he said, 'By the way, do you know you have turkeys on your house and on your cars?'" laughed Newsome.

All of the turkeys looked alike complete with claws that can do some serious damage - like the scratch marks they left on Newsome's hummer.

"It's not super deep," said Newsome. "It's just enough that it's gonna take quite a bit of buffing to get them out."

But Thelma Bain likes having the birds around. She took a photo of a rafter of turkeys on top of her neighbor's roof.

"We consider him a pet," said Bain.

But, Frances Fusco wants them gone.

"On this area of my car, the scratches start here," said Fusco. "You can see all where their claw came down. I want my car fixed."

"They have a right to be upset," said Brumitt. "I just wish that they enjoyed them as much as I do."

The Whitehouse Police Department and animal control are teaming up with Parks and Wildlife to get rid of the turkeys. According to the game warden, the turkeys are not wild. An East Texas man breed them a few years ago, and them set them free in Whitehouse.

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