War Fears Making Investors Jittery

Leading up to war, Vicki Sorrell's battle is keeping her clients calm. A broker with Edward Jones, it can be an uphill fight.

"They've watched their investments go down to two to three years, and they're worried about losing all their money," Sorrell says.

What she and many other financial planners are doing in these tense times, is not predicting the future, but reviewing history.

"The majority of the time, [clients she advises] end up staying in their investments and maybe even adding to them. They just need a little reassurance," she adds.

Reassuance that things can turn around, despite an impending war.  That one of her tips: Don't panic no matter what happens.

"We've studied 26 major crisis events. Almost always, they have been followed by a recovery."

This has been one of the longest downturns in memory -- three years of a bear market.

"[Investors are] still calling and hearing the same thing. But if you have long term goals, and a long term perspective, you need to be invested right now."

Her second tip: someone who's not focused long-range has no business buying stocks.

"To be in the market, you need to be there five years or longer."

Will everything be rosy after the war? Maybe. Maybe not.  However, there is one thing she's fairly sure of.

"I do not paint the picture of seeing the nineties again."

It was such a boom that no one sees in today's crystal ball.

Morgan Palmer, reporting.