Hutchison unveils transportation plan for Texas in Tyler

Released by the Office of Kay Bailey Hutchison:

TYLER, TX - Tuesday, Kay Bailey Hutchison outlined her plan for putting Texas transportation back on the road to success through a new long-term vision of a multimodal, efficient, and modern transportation system.  Hutchison pledged to protect Texas taxpayers by reforming TxDOT and ending the Trans-Texas Corridor once and for all.  She stated that her first priority would be to restore trust in the Texas Department of Transportation and increase the agency's commitment to bottom-up transportation planning in order to effectively solve long-range problems facing the state.

"Texans are tired of the traffic and congestion in our cities.  They are frustrated with the arrogance and inefficiencies of the leadership at the Texas Department of Transportation that have failed to produce results," said Hutchison. "One of my top priorities as Governor will be to clean up TxDOT and solve the transportation problems that have plagued Texas for the last decade."

Hutchison believes that maintaining our transportation infrastructure is an investment we must make to preserve our quality of life and keep our economy competitive in the 21st century.  When she is governor, state transportation planning will focus on reducing congestion and improving connectivity, and focus on our long-term needs in a multimodal strategy – a drastically different approach than the current governor's failed strategy of just trying to fix potholes and add major toll roads.

"When I am governor, we will restore local trust in TxDOT.  Transportation planning will take place from the ground up, and include meaningful input from the local level.  We will protect taxpayers by reforming TxDOT's broken financing schemes.  We will get Texas transportation 'back on the road' through a long-term development of a multi-modal transportation system," Hutchison.  "We will make TxDOT work for Texans again.  And we will accomplish this while protecting Texans from the creeping expansion of eminent domain that has taken place under the current administration."

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