Fighting the digital distractions

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The drive to distraction has never been easier in today's workforce. Internet access for millions of computers at desks and cubicles, gives users plenty of reasons to work on anything but work.

Add time spent on email, Facebook, fantasy football, Twitter, plus that I-phone and employment experts say you get close to 28% of a worker's day.

The biggest online culprit is no surprise, checking email.

"I check probably four to five times an hour which is probably more than necessary," says Jim Abbondante, a frequent email user.

A significant amount, says employment experts, but not more than average.

"At an information type of job they're going to check their email about 50 times a day," says Chris Custer with Snelling Staffing Services.

New software claims to help slow starters become self motivated. Leechblock, a free add on for Firefox stops you in your tracks from visiting any site you submit. Windows Darkroom takes your computer back to the 80's, a black screen hides all PC functions and keeps minds on task.

In the end, both programs are effective only as much as the user wants them to be.

"Whether it's getting up and talking to someone at the water cooler, checking the email or hitting on of the social sites it's all the same concept," says Abbondante,"what made us successful two decades ago are the same things going to make us successful today and that's being able to focus."

For people who are ready to see just how much time they devote to everything else other than work, tech experts recommend a program called Rescue-Time. The program creates graphs and charts of sites you visit and how much time you spend on each.

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