Shelters housing more because of cold weather

By Bob Hallmark - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Amid all the celebration of the holidays this week, frigid temperatures have some East Texas shelters taking in more people trying to keep warm.

Places like the Salvation Army in Tyler says they are seeing a significant jump in the numbers of people, homeless or transient, looking for a warm place to spend the night.

The Salvation Army has a policy that says anytime the temperature drops belong 40 degrees, they will not refuse anyone who wants to come in from the cold. Trish Batt, formerly homeless herself, works as a lodge monitor for the Salvation Army in Tyler and understands the need to get people in from the cold.

"Its very hard sometimes when they come in and its cold out and some of them prefer to stay outside and not come in," Batt said.

Other shelters in Tyler and Longview are usually over capacity when the cold weather hits, but all find a way to take in all who are trying to get out of the cold.

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