Tornado raises roof off house

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LONGVIEW, TX ( KLTV) - From Longview down to Lufkin, East Texans are still trying to clean up and recover from this week's horrifying tornadoes. Tonight, one homeowner says the tornado literally raised his roof. Now, the damage is hard to see, but he says it's what you can't see that's making his home uninhabitable.

From the outside, the looks of Mike Thibodeaux's roof seem not to be all that bad.

"It didn't really register until our roof lifted up and came back down. It was probably the most fear I've ever felt in my life," said Mike.

The tornado's strong winds raised Mike's roof right off of their house. Mike had just made it home before the tornado hit.

"I jumped out of the car, ran into the house, got down on the floor of my bathroom, and my wife and I began to pray together. We heard all this cracking and popping which was our roof lifting up, and then, this huge gust of wind just rushed in and filled the house; then, it just set right back down. It just picked our roof up and set it back down not exactly where it was before," Mike said.

Mike's insurance adjuster said the damage to the roof was so bad that they ruled it uninhabitable. This morning, the insurance adjuster said there's just a few nails still holding the roof up.

"We're not getting new shingles, we're getting a whole new roof," Mike said.

Now their friends and neighbors are trying to help them pick up the pieces.

"You know you have great friends when you don't even have to ask, they just show up. When we get through with this, and on the other side with our new roof and our lives back to normal, we're going to look back on it and say what a great experience it was. Right now, it's not a whole lot of fun," said Thibodeaux.

Since the insurance company ruled the Thibodeaux's home uninhabitable, they will have to move out for a couple days. They're looking forward to getting their new roof this week.

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