Brisk after-Christmas sales in Longview

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - The day after Christmas had stores in Longview packed with shoppers looking for bargains. Retailers say the day after Christmas is a boon, and a mad rush for bargain deals by shoppers.

"The day after Christmas we expect no different than the day after Thanksgiving, we had about 100 to 200 people lined up in front of the store this morning looking for the great deals," says Longview Target store manager Ward Sutton.

Discounts on numerous items, particularly Christmas items like wrapping paper, ornaments, and artificial trees are most common in post holiday shopping.

" I get toys, sometimes I buy napkins, paper napkins, and paper plates for my boy's Christmas party for next year, wrapping paper bows, just about everything you can think of," says shopper Sally Hambrick.

Many take it much farther than tradition shopping.

"It's the challenge of the hunt, you know you have lots of men who want to go out deer hunting, this is air conditioned or heated hunting," says Hambrick.

But it's a day both sides get something from.

"You get all those little stocking stuffer things and put them away in the box for next year," says Henderson shopper Cristie Gambrell.

"Probably ranks about number two or three best day we have in our season," Sutton says.

The sales will continue until retailers have cleared out stock of sale items. Store owners say based on today, only two or three days could be left.

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