Officers Investigated After Allegations Of Police Brutality

Tory Alexander's family says he was arrested without reason, maced and beaten.  Now, two Daingerfield police officers are being investigated for police brutality.   Last Thursday, Daingerfield police officers, Ross Dixon and Albert Hill, were searching a neighborhood looking for Tory Alexander's brother.  He was wanted on outstanding warrants.

The officers stopped at a Daingerfield house where Tory, and family members were standing outside.

"As he walked up a police officer looked at him says 'Tory'. He grabbed his hand and said show me some I.D. and when he grabbed his hand he put a handcuff on his hand. Tory said 'what are you doing to me?'" That's according to Tory's cousin, Shametric.

Witnesses say the officers knew Tory was not the man they were looking for and that there was no reason for him to be arrested.  "He just grabbed me out the blue, put the cuffs on me and sprayed me with mace and hit me in the back," says Tory.

"He just started spraying the mace in his eyes like a lot of mace and maybe 3- to 5 seconds later officer Hill took his baton out and started hitting him in the head and hit him in the back," says Shemetric.

"I wasn't fighting back at all," says Tory.

Shametric called 911 and a few minutes later police chief, Joe Foreno was on the scene.

Foreno released Tory.

Shametric worries what would have happened if she hadn't been there,"I go back and I think if my aunt and I hadn't come how much harm would they have done to him?"

Police chief Joe Foreno would not speak to us on camera but he did say the two officers were on paid administrative leave.  They are being investigated by the Texas rangers. Daingerfield police chief, Joe Foreno, says the investigation into this case is expected to be completed by the middle of week.

Amy Tatum, reporting.