Wartime Fitness

"I had the mini-face lift," 48 year old Judy Gring tells. "I had a tummy tuck and some liposuction."

Just 10 days later, Gring says her decision to go under the knife started with uncertain times. "There's been a lot going on around the world," she tells. "And in life in general and when I get stressed--I have a tendency to go to the kitchen--I eat."

While cosmetic surgery won't solve situations outside of her home...it gives her a sense of well being, "I will definitely leave her today and the following weeks feeling like I have got better future, control."

Judy's Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. James Motlagh says the theory is a good one, " You don't have control over the world and the circumstances but you certainly have control over your own destiny."

Like recent baby booms that hit after 9-11... people reevaluate their lives,  and may look to make major change--starting with themselves. That's why business is booming at Woodcreek Athletic Club. Folks are finding time for the important things in life--like family and fitness says Dianne Gordon, "Its not as easy to say, 'Hey, I'll put it off,' he says. "I think people seem to have a little bit stronger focus. They know what they should do, what they need to do."

The most common procedure done for both men and women is liposuction. For women alone, it's eye-surgery.