Computer Hackers Possibly Strike U.T. Tyler

Computer hackers have hit more than 55,000 people associated with the University of Texas.

Some of those people may be at U.T. Tyler.

The theft includes names and social security numbers for current and former U.T. students and alumni. With that many people affected, some may come from U.T. Tyler.

"We feel that U.T. Tyler will be at a minimal risk," Information Resources Director Steve Wilson says, "Because it was a conglomeration of data. However, we don't know that for sure yet. U.T. Austin is running some checks on some security numbers."

If your social security number falls within these ranges, you can call 1-866-657-9400 for more information.

  • 449-31-98xx - 450-91-24yy
  • 451-12-32xx - 451-20-35yy
  • 451-20-64xx - 452-20-40yy

According to the University of Texas Health Center at Tyler, none of their patients or personnel records were involved.

Reid Kerr ( reporting.