East Texan takes ride of his life in a Ford Pinto

By Sara Story - bio | email
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The Christmas wish of an East Texan, living out the final days of his life, was granted. Sidney Pool, 93, wanted to take one more spin in his 1973 Ford Pinto. The Pinto had been sitting in his driveway for over 30 years until a friend got the engine revving again.

Thirty-six years ago, Sidney Pool bought his wife, Willie, the car of her dreams. It was a baby blue Ford Pinto with a hatch back. When Willie died, the Pinto sat, unused in the Pool driveway.

"I was told by several people that he would never get rid of it because it was hers, and it had a lot of sentimental value to him," said Larry Kearby, a friend of Pool's.

During a visit with Pool, the crumbling car sparked the interest of Kearby.

"Over 10 years went by and nothing happened," said Kearby. "One Sunday morning he approached me and said, 'Are you still interested in the Pinto?' Well, yes, and he said, 'Well, come get it.'"

"I made up my mind that it wasn't doing me or anybody else any good just sitting there," Pool added.

The 93-year-old who is now fighting cancer, agreed to turn over the keys to the rusty Pinto in exchange for one last ride.

"I made a commitment to him that if I got it, I would try to restore it like it was when his wife bought it," said Kearby.  "[It would] bring back a lot of memories."

Five months, a new motor, transmission, and set of brakes later, the Pinto was ready to go.

"I didn't think I would ever take another ride in it," said Pool. "He said that is one more thing on his list before he goes to be with the Lord," added Kearby.

A check off his bucket list, the two took a ride just in time for Christmas.

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