Truckers in trouble, stranded by company

By Layron Livingston - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - bio | email

SMITH COUNTY (KLTV) - Hundreds of truck drivers were left stranded on highways and interstates across the country. Drivers for Arrow Trucking Company found out the hard way, and without warning that their company went out of business.

Many drivers had no idea until they pulled into truck stops to fill up, but discovered their gas cards weren't even working.

East Texas truck driver, Mike Nation, says, luckily for him, he had the fuel to make the more than three hour trip back home. Another driver called him Tuesday morning and told him the company had gone under. Nation says that is when he called the company, and was told that there was no company.

"It was always, 'Arrow's been in business for 60 years and we're going to be here for 60 more,'" said Nation. "There's no instructions...they haven't told us anything. Only thing we got was to drop the trucks off. That's all we've been told...if the trucks aren't turned in by Thursday, theft charges will be filed. I could have left months ago, went somewhere else...but to be hit in the face like this, all at once, and right here at Christmas is what makes it really bad."

Of course, we tried calling Arrow, but only got a message.

"Drivers, if you're in freightliners, or KW (Kenworth), please take the truck to the nearest freightliner shop," says the message.

The rest of the recording instructs drivers to call a hotline to help them make arrangements for a bus ticket home.

Nation also says he did not receive a paycheck last week, and he doesn't expect to get one this week, either.

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