Triple shooting has neighbors fearing for safety

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A late night shooting has East Texas police looking for killers. Longview police were called late last night to the 2900 block of Letourneau Drive. Angel Velazquez, 41, and Jose Franco, 27, were killed. A third man, Wilmer Velazquez, 24, was taken to a Longview hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

"I heard a gun," said six-year-old Tyran Floyd. "It went like, 'Pow! Pow! Pow!' seven times around! And then, I got scared, and then my heart was beating fast."

Floyd can describe the shots sounds he heard coming from his next door neighbor's house. Tyran, his mother, Michelle Owens, and his two-year-old brother were inside their home eating when the shooting started.

"I live right next door to it," said Owens. "So, it could have been us. It could have been the folks next door to me. The bullets could have moved on down this road. It could have hit everybody's house."

Police say the homeowner, Angel Velazquez, and friends were having a barbecue in the front yard, when he heard his wife scream from the car port.

"Two subjects wearing all black clothing, black ski masks, [and] gloves on their hands came up with hand guns," said Kevin Brownlee, with Longview police. "When people from the front yard walked over from the driveway to find out what was going on, the suspects opened fire from the people that walked in the front yard."

Police say the suspects did not steal anything, but they left the victims with multiple gun shots and a community fearful for their safety.

"It makes me scared, nervous for all these kids on this street," said Owens. "It's making everybody sacred. [They] got killed before Christmas and that's sad...they're kids, you know? They aren't going to never see their daddy no more."

Right now, police don't have a motive for the shooting. Again, the two male suspects are described as between 5'9" and 5'10", wearing all black clothing, ski masks and gloves. They were last seen in a 4-door vehicle, believed to be a Cadillac. If you have any information on this, call Longview police.

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