80-year-old's disappearance mysterious says family

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CHAPEL HILL, TX (KLTV) - It is a dire search to find a missing East Texas senior suffering from dementia. The Smith County Sheriff's Department says Willie Everhart, 80, has been missing since Friday night.

He was last seen at his house, which is in the 10000 block of County Road 272, just off Highway 64 east.

"We've been up and down in the ditches and all down the highways and stuff," said Mary Raibon, Everhart's daughter.

But so far, there has been no trace of Everhart. Monday, the Smith County Sheriff's Department began searching, combing nearby woods on horseback, but his daughter fears it is too late.

"It's late and that hurts," said Raibon. "That's what really hurts."

Everhart's wife says he left the house on foot Friday around dusk. His daughter confirmed the 80-year-old couldn't drive so he would walk to the store occasionally, but says he would never leave at night, so something doesn't add up.

"If he left, no ID, no telephone, no glasses, no checkbook," said Raibon.

The Smith County Sheriff's Department says they have no reason to suspect foul play at this time. And, right now, Everhart's loved ones are just focusing on finding him.

"We [are] just praying everyday," said Amy Reddic, Everhart's niece.

"I just hope he's found alright," said Raibon. "Even if not, I just hope he's found soon."

A major concern, of course, are the frigid temperatures he could have been out in over the weekend.

"Just hoping that he hasn't been out in the weather, in the cold to just be froze up," said Reddic.

"I'm sure he was cold and wet," said Raibon.

And, as time keeps ticking, Everhart's family grows more desperate for an answer behind the mysterious disappearance.

"If you have him, please let us know and bring him back, or just let us know that he's alright," pleaded Raibon.

Willie Everhart is also without his medication and was not wearing any sort of tracking device. If you have any information on his whereabouts please call the Smith County Sheriff's Department at 903-566-6600.

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