Texas vs. Alabama Matchup - Best Conference

KLTV is teaming with Raycom sister station WSFA in Montgomery, Alabama, and debating the biggest 11 points entering the BCS Championship game on January 7th...and each day, we will present a new debate point.

KLTV/Texas is represented by Sports Director Ryan Peterson, and Jeff Shearer, Sports Director at WSFA will represent the Crimson Tide...

Topic #6: Which team plays in the best conference?

Ryan says... It wasn't the best year for the Big 12, but it's still the best conference.  Led by Colt McCoy, the Big 12 has some of the best quarterbacks in college football.  It also has some of the best coaches.  Mack Brown and Bob Stoops both have national championships.  Bill Snyder is considered a miracle worker at Kansas State.   The Big 12 also changed the way college football is played, with so many teams implenting the spread offense.  No, it wasn't the best year, but it's always entertaining to watch Big 12 football on Saturdays.

Jeff says...I'm interested to see what you're going to come up with here, Ryan.  This one isn't even up for debate.  As I mentioned before, I attended a Big 12 school (back when it was the Big 8).  Then the conference that Texas used to belong to - the Southwest Conference - sort of vanished into thin air, and the orphaned Longhorns and a few of their Lone Star brethren crashed our Big 8 party, thus forming the Big 12.  Meanwhile, the SEC has thrived for 75 years, routinely dominating all collegiate sports that matter, including football.  No contest.