Former Smith County Commissioner arrested, says accusations false

Photo Source: Smith County
Photo Source: Smith County

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A former Smith County Commissioner arrested for unlawfully carrying a handgun says the accusations against him are just not true.

Tyler police arrested Derrell Cooper this weekend after an alleged disturbance at Harley's clothing store. Police were called after Cooper was asked to leave the store, and wouldn't. Cooper had a small caliber handgun on him when he went inside. No gun was ever pulled, but Cooper says he still left in handcuffs.

"There were two assault rifles and a lady policeman that had a pistol that was drawn right at me, and I said, 'God, I'm fixin' to die,'" said Cooper. "They not only falsely arrested me, they falsely accused me…and they're at fault."

Cooper actually showed us his handgun license, which doesn't expire until next year. He says he plans to file charges against the city.

Tyler police say Cooper's charge will be changed to criminal trespassing since he didn't leave the store when asked. Police say DPS will also be notified because licensed handgun carriers are required to have their licenses with them at all times.

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