Procrastinators seek last minute holiday bargains

By Philippe Djegal - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Christmas is less than a week away, and yet some of us haven't finished gift shopping - some procrastinators haven't even started. According to the National Retail Association, less than 10% of shoppers say they're finished holiday shopping.

Long work days, and busy schedules kept some shoppers away from the Broadway Mall in Tyler until this weekend.

"I ran out of time," said Kemuel Hengen. "I had too much school work and finals to study for."

Others were deal hunting.

"All the best sales are here and that means most of the products are gonna be gone and leave faster," said Etrel York.

But, a majority of the late shoppers. . .

"We're not going to be, you know, going out and spending like we used to - buy a car or anything like that for Christmas," said Adam Comer.

. . . are just looking for something they can put underneath the tree.

"I don't even have to have deals at this point," said Sheila Sellers. "I just need some presents."

The parking lot was filled near capacity.

"I circled and circled and circled," said Sellers.

From store to store, sales reps were busy selling, trying to bring revenue to the black before the end of the year. But, suprisingly, service was fast.

In fact, some shoppers hesitated going to the mall today, because they expected the lines to be out of control. Yes, there were a lot of people. But, it could have been worse.

"They're shorter now," said Etrel York. "I don't know why. But, there's not as many people here as there usually is."

Sanders says "because of the economy, they've had to, you know, spend their money earlier and stretch it out and try to do early Christmas shopping - unlike me."

"I got some really good deals and stuff, and I don't know. I'm excited," said Hengen.

"But, for my older kids," said Sanders. "I'm sorry if they're watching. They're getting gift cards, [because] I have no idea what to get them."

It's the thought that counts.

According the National Retail Association, as of last week, nearly 42,000,000 people had not even started their shopping. So, good luck if you're waiting until the last minute. You're going to have a lot of company.

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