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Celebrating 80 years of marriage

By Philippe Djegal - email

GOLDEN, TX (KLTV) - Agnes Stockman turned 100-years-old last month, a celebration she never thought she'd have. But, today, another special occasion - Agnes and her 102-year-old husband Alvin are celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary.

Agnes thanks one man. . .

"Oh, the good lord," she said.

. . . and, one man only, for the 80 wonderful years she's spent with her husband.

"That's the only way you could live together," said Agnes.

"It's just hard to remember a time that I didn't love her," said Alvin.

Agnes remembers the day she met her future husband eight decades ago in Louisiana. They were fellow church members. She took a liking to Alvin, the preacher's son, who eventually followed in his father's footsteps. Agnes was captivated the day Alvin filled in for his father, and preached at their church.

"So, he came back the next night, November 3, 1929, and [on] December 19, 1929 we married," said Agnes.

"We haven't had a real quirrel with one another in 40 years," said Alvin.

"The older they got, I think the better they got along," said Jewel Irby, the Stockman's oldest daughter.

"When we first married, we used to have some spits and spats," said Alvin. "But, nothing that threatened our marriage."

Life has had it's fair share of challenges. The Stockman's moved to East Texas last year after losing their home in Port Arthur to Hurricane Ike.

"We had everything we wanted and needed," said Agnes. "But, the lord saw fit to send us here."

The Stockman's have four grown sons and daughters.

"All the children have been married at least 50 years," said Martha Taylor, the Stockman's daughter.

. . . and, 10 grandchildren. They say family and faith are why they're still alive today.

"I've just always [been] thankful for the many years we've had together," said Alvin.

The Stockman's say the secret to a long marriage, and a good life is church, and staying away from alcohol and tobacco.

Also, for the past 20 years, Alvin Stockman has had a cup of ice cream everynight, at exactly eight o'clock.

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