Lobo fans prepare for big game

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - It has been a long wait in Longview. The last time the Lobos won a state football championship was 1937. It is time for the drought to end. Thousands of fans will be headed to the title game in Waco, and they're taking with them a Lobo swagger.

As the Lobos got in their final practice, fans were busily snatching up tickets to Saturday's game against Lake Travis.

"We've got to win," said Jane Bailey, who is going to the state championship game. "Lobos all the way!"

"I'm excited," said Herb McCarty Jr. "I'm real confident. I think we're going to do it. It's payback time."

"We're real excited about it," said Renee McJunkins, a Lobo alumni. "We've had a lot of chances in the past to get to the state final. This time we're actually going to win the state final."

Fans have an overwhelming confidence in their team.

"They're going to pull through it," said Duane Allison, a Lobo fan. "They're going to pull through it. They want them they want them bad."

For many of the fans who will be attending, and for the players themselves, it's almost poetic justice that Travis once again will be the final foe in the state championship. Members of the Wolfpack or Dogpound as they are known for throwing dog biscuits on the field, are going to the game in force.

"It's been a great season, and we're really looking for a win this time," said Jean Ann Furrh, who is headed to the big game.

In three days, nearly 4,300 tickets have been sold.

"Tomorrow (Friday) night, we bring a championship home," said Furrh.

The team boards their buses and leaves from the athletics complex between 10-10:30am Saturday. Buses of fans will be leaving later in the day. If Longview wins, championship t-shirts will be on sale at the athletic complex on Sunday at 1pm.

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