Snail mail Christmas cards irreplaceable say East Texans

By Philippe Djegal - email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Christmas is only a week away, and, as tradition goes, lots of us are on the lookout for Christmas cards from family members and longtime friends. However, the economy has some people receiving holiday cheer in their "inbox" instead of their mailbox. But, East Texans say nothing replaces a Christmas card in the mail.

On the other hand, email beats paying the $.44 to send each card in the mail.

"Friends, you could be a little less formal, and so, I do spend some internet cards to them," said Diane Cronk.

And, considering greeting cards can range from $3 to $5, sending an e-card is a cost-effective option. Seeing that hundreds of sites offer free cards, and with the click of a mouse, and a mass e-mail list, all of a sudden, you're spreading Christmas cheer.

"But, it does lack the warmth," said Cronk.

"Me, I'm old fashioned," said Bob Newton. "Get a good Christmas card, send it in [and] everybody's happy."

"Last year, I actually did do internet cards and I felt tremendously guilty," said Susan Andreone.

"A lot of the Christmas cards that I'm receiving this year, I am Facebook friends or MySpace friends," said Andreone. "But, I still really enjoy getting those cards."

Elizabeth Johnson has never received an e-card, and she has never sent one. In fact, with seven days left until Christmas, she is still buying boxes of cards to mail out.

"I just like to send one that they could keep and maybe stick on the fridge or something like that," said Johnson. "But that's just me."

"We've sold more cards this year than we did last year," said Bruce Leewright, Hallmark store owner. "So, we're very pleased."

Leewright says through the years, internet sales have hurt his business, but not killed it.

"I believe there's ways going to be expression cards," said Leewright. "There's nothing like getting a card in the mail at Christmas."

According to the Greeting Card Association, Americans buy 7,000,000,000 greeting cards each year, and Christmas is always the most popular season.

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