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A Better East Texas: Healthcare reform perfect storm

I saw a news report this week on ABC that came to a conclusion on healthcare reform that is very disturbing.  The reporter mentioned that right now is really the perfect setup to get health care reform passed.  He cited that you had the first year of a new presidency when polls and public support are highest, a non-election year in 2009, a president with a majority in both houses of Congress and list goes on.  If Congress and the President are truly leading the country and making decisions for improving America why would he or they be sensitive to the timing of this debate.  Since when is doing the right thing outweighed by political risk? We don't need a Congress or a President that essentially goes into a lame duck mode just because it is an election year  - I don't care what party you are from.  No wonder so little gets done in Congress in years when an election is looming – they are afraid of upsetting the apple cart in their home states.  So in "off years" they are counting on the voting public to have a short memory or for the next crisis in line to distract us from recent tough votes.  It is sad but the reporter really spoke the truth.  I don't want my elected officials at any level to lose sight of the fact that they are in place to lead, not cower or dodge a tough issue.  And if their voting record is contrary to the beliefs of the people they represent then they should be voted out of office.  Keep the actions of your elected officials in mind when you vote in 20-10 and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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