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Helpful online shopping sites

(KLTV) - If you're part of the 20-percent or so of folks who haven't started their Christmas shopping, you're cutting it close. But there's still time to shop online. We have some websites to help you out.

There is one in particular you will want to go to today (December 17th), because a lot of these deals will be over Friday. I'm talking mainly about free shipping, and more importantly, guaranteed arrival by Christmas.

It is, this is an annual event organized to include as many retailers as possible. This year there are over 700 participating. Some offer free shipping on all purchases, some you have to spend a certain amount. The other handy thing here, a list of shipping deadlines for standard and expedited shipping.

Another cool site you may not have heard of is called It is like e-bay, but for home-made, hand-made items. So if you're looking for a unique gift, this may be a good option. There is also a section on there with sellers who offer last-minute, expedited shipping. There's a lot of jewelry, lots of clothing, but it's all unique.

Now, while you're doing all this online shopping, how would you like to broadcast exactly what you're charging to your credit card? This next site goes against all conventional thinking on online privacy. It's called Blippy. And it's like twitter for your credit card. After each purpose, it automatically posts how much you charged and where you charged it. It's definitely not something for everyone. It's just in the beta stage right now, so enter your e-mail address if you want an invitation.

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