The D-Weed-R: "Does It Work?"

Have you checked your yard lately?   The weeds are starting to make their prescence known. And who likes pulling weeds?  In this "Does It Work" report, we're trying out a simple little device that promises to make you life easier this year. Question is: "Does It Work?"

Open the D-Weed-R package and you'll see you get two steel rods, shaped at the end like a flat-head screw driver. Each one has a special pin stuck crossways through the middle of the rod. It's the pin that does the work to pull the weeds out of the ground.

You also get a pair of sheers, which were not advertised with the product when we ordered it. And they're not even mentioned in the instructions. But they're free, so who's complaining?

To make the D-Weed-R work, you'll need a drill, preferably a cordless 3/8ths inch model. Stick the end of the D-Weed-R in the drill and you're armed and ready. Carefully, we place the tip of the D-Weed-R rod in the middle of a weed and pull the trigger. The twisting action pulled the weed right out. But we're not sure we got much root.

Our second try got only half the weed, but we definitely got some root this time.

The third effort was a disaster. The weed just broke apart.

The fourth weed came out-- root and all.

And that, basically, was the pattern.

The D-Weed-R got the weed and the root about fifty percent of the time. The trouble with weeds is... if you don't get the root, they're just going to pop right back up.

Still it's a lot of fun. And in the short run, it sure clears the weeds out.

But "Does It Work?"  Tough call here because of the hit-and-miss root extraction problem.

But the D-Weed-R definitely has it merits. We give it a "maybe".

We found the D-Weed-R online, for about 20 dollars.