A Better East Texas: Cherokee County squabble

An argument erupted earlier this week in Cherokee county resulting in the Jacksonville Police Chief declaring that his department will refuse to work with the Cherokee County Sheriff's Department.  The disagreement stems out of a "cheap shot" email that reflects unfavorably on the departing Jacksonville Police Chief.  The email reportedly is retaliation for a decision on a pending case sometime in the past.  From there it has spiraled out of control resulting in the refusal of the Police Department to work with the Sheriff's Department.  Normally, this kind of juvenile squabble would take place on some school yard and it would be settled by some swats or some time in detention.  But since both of these departments are responsible for the safety of Jacksonville and Cherokee County residents it needs to be resolved immediately.  Residents in the city and county need to demand a resolution before something tragic happens.  This type of action is unacceptable between public safety officers who have pledged to protect and serve the residents in their jurisdiction.  These officers not only have a responsibility but an obligation to work together for the sake of the residents of Jacksonville and Cherokee County.  Settle your disputes in a professional manor, you don't have the option of not working together and that will keep Cherokee County residents safe and make for a Better East Texas.