Best Bud

By Ryan Peterson - bio | email

CARTHAGE, TEXAS (KLTV) -  If you've suited up for the Carthage Bulldogs in the last 28 years, chances are Bud Worley caught you in action with his camera.

"I always take pictures and scan them off and put them up everywhere," said Carthage quarterback Anthony Morgan.  "On myspace and my phone, that's cool"

Worley enjoys making the kids happy.

"Just getting the right moment at the right time and catching that moment that will never be there again," said Worley.

He admits he's not the best with a camera.

"It always seems like I have the wrong lense at the wrong time," he laughed.

Wrong lense or not,Worley always has the Bulldogs in focus.

"Bud means everything to us," said Carthage Head Football Coach Scott Surratt.  "He's our booster club president. He's the reason we get to ride on charters. He feeds us, he fed us state Monday night. He has a crew called the Worley Birds and they do everything."

When he's not teaching, Worley is taking pictures, or working concessions, or working on team programs or even driving the school bus.  Always on the run, this life long Bulldog wouldn't have it any other way.

"No, no I enjoy it," he said.  "I mean it's been a really neat time to build some relationships with students that I wouldn't get to otherwise."

Win or lose at the state championship on Saturday, Worley will be there next year with his camera.