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Despite conflict, sheriff's office wants to continue work with police

CHEROKEE COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Cherokee County has now issued a statement regarding the internal issue between the Cherokee County Sheriff's Department and Jacksonville Police.

Monday night, the police chief announced his force will no longer assist the Sheriff's Department. Wednesday, the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office responded saying that they would continue to work with the City of Jacksonville to make sure Cherokee County residents are "protected by law enforcement."

What led up to the decision, began with an anonymous email that was sent out, stating the police chief, Reece Daniel, was resigning due to a lawsuit involving the sexual harassment of five women. Chief Daniel denies those allegations and says his force uncovered it was actually Cherokee County's chief detective, Chris White, who sent out that email. Chief Daniel says White did that in retaliation for him refusing to accept a sexual assault case that originated in Cherokee County.

The following letter was released by Cherokee County's lawyer:

As for recent reports of an email regarding alleged claims of sexual harassment by Chief Daniel, the Sheriff has no personal knowledge whether such claims were made.

Although, according to City Attorney Joe Angle, accusations against Chief Daniel were made by one female city employee and were settled.

A public employee, such as Captain White, has a First Amendment right to speak out as a citizen on matters of public concern. Additionally, Captain White has, as any citizen, protection as a "whistle blower" under state and federal law.

As we have always done, the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office will continue to work with the City of Jacksonville to insure that the citizens of Cherokee County are protected by law enforcement.

Robert Davis
Attorney for Cherokee County

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