Soldier arrives home in time for son's first Christmas

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - He has been overseas for almost a year, but an East Texas sailor will not miss his son's first Christmas. At Tyler Pounds Regional Airport Tuesday, Petty Officer Kyle Forst arrived home.

Forst just completed deployments in both the Persian Gulf and the Western Pacific. He says he is overwhelmed with how East Texans treat their troops.

"Where I'm at, this is the greatest thing," said Forst. "I mean, it's a military city, and no one says thanks, it's just part of their day. But here, I get welcomed [and] I get thanked for something I do every day."

Forst will be in East Texas until the 27th before training for deployment to Spain. And, making this trip even better, he will get to spend time with his son, who was born in October.

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